First winter shoot

We only really experience two seasons per year in the Arabian Gulf region - High Summer and Low Summer. With high summer temperatures sometimes reaching the mid-50 deg C, not factoring in the effect of extreme humidity that can cause the "feels like" temperature to exceed 60 deg C. Even minimum temperatures at 5am can hover around 35 deg C!

It therefore stands to reason that places like Doha are not really conducive to street photography activities during these high summer months, unless one wishes to literally risk one's life. Thankfully we can also enjoy a rather blissful 5 months of "low summer", which is a time when the temperatures are pretty much within the perfect range for active outdoor human activity. It typically hovers between the upper 10's to mid-20's - just perfect!

I was delighted to start my official 'hunting season" this last weekend by visiting the rustic charms of the old faithful stomping grounds of Souk Waqif in downtown Doha. After an Moroccan breakfast at one of the many eateries, I was off to try and find some interesting "things". It wasn't an overly successful outing that delivered any spectacular "keepers", but a good enough warm-up session to a season I'm hoping will deliver more. 

This was also the first time that I took my new Leica Q out for a proper run, justified as being a 50th birthday present to myself (the missus was quick to point out the irrelevant detail that this is still some two years away). Perhaps I'll share some thoughts on it in future, but for now I'm sharing a quick "behind the scenes" selection of some of the images taken from my first local outing of the season, from Souk Waqif in Doha, Qatar.