Life Framer 2018 Exhibitions

A disgusting amount of time has passed since my last posting! There are a number of reasons for that, of which none are extremely plausible … except maybe one. It’s been “high summer” in Qatar for the last few months, which means that it is my annual break from active photography due to the extreme outdoor heat. Unlike most years before, I did not have sufficient stock to keep me occupied with processing and posting of new works this time round. Thankfully, the heat is slowly making way for our more bearable “low summer”. Another few weeks and I can safely be out and about again.


In the meantime, as a follow-up to a previous posting, the 2018 Life Framer Photography Competition Winners Exhibitions have commenced! I’m proud to have one of my images from my “Qatar Unfiltered …” series represented in this traveling group exhibition. You can watch this promotional video of all the images on exhibit. The first installment was in New York (24 to 29 September). The second exhibition in Milan is currently on from 20 September to 12 October, while the third in Tokyo (8 to 17 October). If you happen to be in the area, please visit!

Hoping to start posting some new images soon too! ‘Till then, all the best!