The first posting ....

There are so many of my piers who simply excel at their blogging, which makes me wonder what I can possibly do to (at least) equal their efforts. There are an overwhelming number of brilliant technique, gear and other blogs / websites out there, who I don't really want to emulate or even try to compete with. Simply said, such blogs take a lot of effort, know-how and perseverance to put together, manage and market.

As an amateur photographer, novice blogger and regular bloke relying on a fairly demanding day job and lifestyle to support my street / travel photography passions, I'll probably be better off if this blog remains a simple extension of my website, focussing mainly on being a communication tool for what I'm busy working on, perhaps a some before-and-after processing posts, a place to post my thoughts, rants and raves, and sharing of interesting ideas and materials I come across from time to time. I've written a few "articles" before which I may also post here.

Anyway, hoping to keep this blog simple, unpretentious, casual, conversational and just a bit of fun. Given some time, it will turn into what it wants to be. If that is what you're looking for after a hard day at work, I look forward to your kind support and encouragement.